Musical and Visual Arts 
 of Rolliana Scheckler

Rolliana has retired from 35 years of teaching voice and performing as soprano soloist and
from 25 years of playing and teaching Celtic harp. She now handcrafts fine jewelry.

For the last years of her music career, Rolliana devoted most of her music to healing, contemplative and special music projects. She completed her Palmer Grant in 1998 playing for elderly in hospital, hospice and home care facilities, and then volunteered for 10 years playing therapeutic music. She earned the designation "Advanced Certified Clinical Musician" [ACCM], July 10, 2007, by completing The Clinical Musicians Training Program under the mentorship of Laurie Riley. That qualified her to play professionally at patient bedside in hospital, hospice and home care settings. 

The program's new website is Harp for Healing. It is accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.

Harp for Healing     Home Training Program for Therapeutic Harp, established by Laurie Riley, now c/o Dee Sweeney